Minimum Qualifications

  • BA/BS degree in geology, engineering, or related science
  • NJDEP Subsurface Evaluator License
  • 3 years of applicable experience

Typical Job Duties

  • Operates groundwater pump-and-treat and soil vapor extraction systems
  • Collects soil and groundwater samples
  • Identifies glassware for sampling and prepares chain-of-custody forms for laboratories
  • Prepares field notes, Soil Log Forms, Monitoring Well Sampling Data Forms, and reports

Job Description

  • Conducts subsurface evaluations, installation, and closure at UST sites.
  • Evaluates subsurface conditions and proposes remedial actions, generates tank closure and remedial action reports.
  • Conducts investigations involving the construction of monitoring wells, installation of soil borings and well points, groundwater sampling, and laboratory analysis for hydrogeological and environmental characterization.
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