Minimum Qualifications

  • BA/BS degree
  • 7 years of applicable experience

Typical Job Duties

  • Oversees preparation of site maps, geological cross sections, and engineering plans
  • Manages assignments including sampling, testing of materials, and investigations
  • Manages and assigns work to junior level CADD Operator/Draftsman

Job Description

  • Oversees the preparation of site maps, geologic cross sections, hydrogeologic maps, and engineering plans through the utilization of the Arcview AutoCAD program.
  • Oversees work that involves conventional types of investigations, surveys or equipment with relatively few complex features for which there are precedents.
  • Has at least two years of managerial/supervisory experience sufficient to ensure positive direction of subordinates.
  • Manages assignments that include sampling and testing of materials, data review, research investigations, report preparation, and other activities of limited scope requiring knowledge of environmental principles and techniques.
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