• Glenn Donohue

  • Manager - Coastal Development Group - Ecological and Permitting

  • Office: 732-223-2225
  • Cell: 609-289-2826

Mr. Donohue oversees ecological studies, permitting and project management on complex sites with interdisciplinary technical needs.  His group prepares Freshwater Wetlands permits, Statewide General Permit Flood Hazard Area Individual Permit Applications, habitat analysis, and Fish and Wildlife Impact Analysis (FWIA).  He interacts regularly with the oversight agencies and attends/hosts public meetings.  Mr. Donohue is in charge of regulatory approvals and environmental permitting of energy and linear construction projects.  He recently fast-tracked all required NJDEP permits and approvals, including those related to Threatened and Endangered Species, flood hazard, and stormwater management, for a 110-acre land-based solar development.  His ability to streamline the approval process with the NJDEP was commended by the Client.

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