• Laura Brinkerhoff

  • President, CEO - LSRP, CPG

  • Office: 732-223-2225
  • Cell: 732-674-4063

Ms. Brinkerhoff is a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP), Licensed Professional Geologist/Hydrogeologist in NY, PA and DE.  For the past 25 years, Ms. Brinkerhoff has been the President and CEO of Brinkerhoff Environmental Services, Inc., a highly respected New Jersey-based environmental consulting firm that specializes in effective results on remedial projects.  The firm has directed more than 1,500 environmental cleanup projects involving landfills, redevelopment sites with leaking underground storage tanks (USTs) and extensive industrial chemical pollutants, urban properties with contaminated historic fill, and hazardous waste disposal facilities.  Her experience with more than 250 remediation projects, also known as “brownfield sites”, required regulatory compliance evaluation, design, and implementation of extraction technologies for removing petroleum products and other environmental contaminants from soil and groundwater.
Ms. Brinkerhoff has developed an effective strategy for negotiating alternative cleanup plans with oversight agencies when traditional methods used are not considered “cost effective”.  Ms. Brinkerhoff maintains strong relationships with the regulatory officials that approve various federal and state financing alternatives and funding programs.  Her ability to move projects efficiently through the regulatory process has been instrumental in controlling cleanup costs on virtually all projects.

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