• Yvonne Jamieson

  • Senior Project Manager

  • Office: 732-223-2225
  • Cell: 732-232-3438

Ms. Jamieson is a Senior Project Manager with more than 15 years of professional experience in directing ecological investigations for freshwater/coastal wetlands identification, risk assessments including indoor air quality investigations, environmental impact studies, and regulatory compliance.  She works under the direction of a Principal and has oversight responsibilities for field and technical personnel.  Ms. Jamieson excels in organized Project Management and supervision of technical staff when completing a broad range of environmental work.  She attends project meetings as a Client and company representative and conducts technical presentations of findings before public groups and private agencies.  Ms. Jamieson remains current on state and federal regulations that involve various aspects of her field work, regulatory compliance, laboratory analysis of environmental samples, and document submission.

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