Drummond LLC
Redevelopment Project

Neptune Township, New Jersey
Waste Management Services
(SIN 899-1 and 899-1 RC)

On a city block in Neptune, New Jersey, a former milk pasteurizing plant (brownfields site) was completely overhauled and revitalized. The project required environmental site remediation, complete interior structural demolition, characterization and disposal of waste materials under several waste streams, and oversight during renovation of all building components for commercial reuse. Brinkerhoff Environmental Services, Inc. was contracted by the site redeveloper to oversee the environmental site characterization, provide estimates for bringing the site into environmental compliance with state and local agencies, coordinate the remedial activities, and file reports with the municipality and the NJDEP.

Upon completion of the Preliminary Assessment, Site Investigation, and Remedial Investigation, Brinkerhoff determined that historic fill materials and three leaking underground storage tanks had impacted the subsurface soil and groundwater at the site. In the building interior, asbestos- containing materials, more than 2,000 formerly used tires for industrial vehicles, lead-based paint, and other potentially hazardous materials were identified. Brinkerhoff’s technical staff worked hand-in-hand with the Engineer and Architect to determine the most cost-effective and viable remedial strategies needed to complete this large-scale project within a short time period. Brinkerhoff’s Project Manager coordinated the characterization and off site disposal of more than 600 cubic yards of petroleum contaminated soils, the 2,000 tires, asbestos-containing and lead based paint materials. Disposal manifests were processed and retained for inclusion within various reports as required by the regulatory agencies.

Brinkerhoff supplied the Remedial Action Workplan and all environmental documentation to the NJDEP, as per N.J.A.C. 7:26E, the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation, and obtained regulatory approvals for the remainder of the work to be completed within the compressed time periods for the building to be occupied.