East Freehold Fire Company

East Freehold Township, New Jersey
Field Investigation of Soil and Groundwater and Design of Remedial Plans
SIN 899-8 and 899-8 RC)

Environmental work was initiated following removal of a leaking leaded gasoline UST. The discharge had migrated beneath the firehouse building and in the direction of several residential properties using well water for their potable supply and irrigation of small gardens. The investigation involved vertical and horizontal delineation of soil and groundwater contamination and determination of the groundwater flow direction. Soil borings were installed to delineate the area of impacted soil, with samples continuously screened with a calibrated photoionization detector.

Based upon the field readings, select samples were retained for laboratory analysis and later preparation of contaminant isopleth maps. Brinkerhoff Environmental Services, Inc. completed a Remedial Investigation Report (RIR) and a Remedial Action Workplan (RAW). The RAW required installation of seven groundwater monitoring wells to delineate the groundwater contaminant plume, performance of a receptor evaluation, downgradient sampling of potable wells, and conducting “slow purge” sampling of the monitoring wells to reduce turbidity and lead concentrations. The project was completed in an efficient and timely manner.