JFK, La Guardia, Newark,
and Teterboro Airports

New York And New Jersey
Environmental Impact Statements Under NEPA
(SIN 899-1 and 899-1 RC)

Brinkerhoff Environmental Services, Inc. provided professional environmental services at the JFK, La Guardia, Newark, and Teterboro Airport properties in New York and New Jersey to ensure compliance with the requirements of FAA Order 5500.8, “the Runway Safety Area Program.” Tasks completed (as requested by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey) involved evaluation of potential options and associated environmental constraints for the runway expansion at each of these four busy airports.

Brinkerhoff conducted preliminary environmental evaluations of the airports for each proposed safety alternative. The proposed alternatives were provided to Brinkerhoff for comparative analysis. Each preliminary environmental evaluation consisted of a review of existing data for each runway, a regulatory database search, and comparison of existing conditions with state and federal regulations for each airport. A preliminary environmental impact analysis report was developed for each airport identifying areas of potential environmental concern with respect to the proposed runway additions.

The environmental impact report assessed various local, state, and federal databases for the presence of hazardous material spills, leaking underground storage tanks, federal Superfund sites, RCRA hazardous waste generators, and other potential sites within the runway expansion areas that may require further environmental analysis and potential remediation. Health and safety issues were reviewed and monitored. In addition, Brinkerhoff’s analysis included the evaluation of waterways, wetlands, tidal flats, flood plains, and various permitting requirements that would be needed for the proposed alternatives. All pertinent environmental issues with potential ecological impacts were identified and quantified.

Threatened and endangered species, critical environmental habitats, and national and state historic properties/sites were reviewed within the runway expansion areas. Recommendations were formulated for the different alternatives and regulations that were applicable to demolition within these designated areas. Brinkerhoff’s final report on the project provided a comparative analysis of the various alternatives, with the assessment of impacts to hazardous waste listings, hydrologic features, natural areas, and historic places. Brinkerhoff’s in-house CADD and GIS were used for field mapping and plotting of sample locations.