Voicestream Wireless

North Arlington and North Bergen, New Jersey
Environmental Impact Statements under NEPA
(SIN 899-1 and 899-1 RC)

Brinkerhoff Environmental Services, Inc. conducted an environmental assessment for Voicestream Wireless to determine if the North Arlington and North Bergen cell towers could be altered or developed in compliance with the U.S. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and prepared a NEPA Compliance Report. The assessment involved desktop research on Federal and state wilderness areas, wildlife preserves, threatened and endangered wildlife species, and critical habitats within a radius that would be impacted by the project.

In addition, the National Register of Historic Places, Indian religious sites, FAA and FCC sites and surface topography, including flood plains and wetlands, were reviewed within the same radius. A site inspection was conducted to verify information obtained in the research, and to verify environmental conditions at the site. Results of the investigation were compiled in a comprehensive NEPA Compliance Report.