Hazardous Materials

Brinkerhoff Environmental Services, Inc. conducts lead-based paint, asbestos and indoor air quality inspections and risk assessments, assists Clients with management planning, and provides abatement design and monitoring.


Lead-based paint poses a hazard not only inside buildings, but outside as well, where the effects of the exterior paint may be found in the air and the soil surrounding the structure and carried inside in the form of lead dust.

Generally, lead-based paint in good condition is not a hazard. However, peeling, chipping, chalking or cracking lead-based paint can represent a hazard and should have immediate attention. Furthermore, lead dust can form when lead-based paint is dry-scraped, dry-sanded or heated, or when painted surfaces bump or rub together.


Prior to 1978, asbestos was used in a variety of building materials including corrugated piping insulation, spray-applied fireproofing and other, less noticeable materials such as floor tiles, roofing materials, cements, wall coverings, plasters and theater curtains.

Asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM) are characterized by the USEPA as any building material with more than one percent (1%) asbestos by weight, and can be classified into two categories: friable and non-friable. Friable means that hand pressure can crumble, pulverize or reduce the material to powder; non-friable refers to ACBMs which will not break apart easily. If friable asbestos is damaged, the potential for release of asbestos fibers is great.


Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a catch-all name for the consequences of poor indoor air quality caused by a variety of factors from fluctuating temperatures and dust to toxic chemicals and biological sources of illness.

Those exposed to these factors complain of headaches, watery eyes, nose and throat irritation, nausea and fatigue. Allergic reactions may cause respiratory problems and infections. These symptoms may be avoided with an assessment of the building environment and a carefully designed remediation plan.

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