Storage Tank Management

Underground and above ground storage tanks (USTs and ASTs) have been used in many buildings for heating oil, or to fire boilers and/or emergency power generators. Historically, these tanks were constructed of steel, which tends to corrode over time and can cause contamination of the surrounding soil and groundwater.

Tanks should be investigated to determine if they are leaking, have been removed or abandoned in place. The preliminary investigation involves a subsurface evaluation of soil, using drilling equipment, and the samples collected are monitored for the presence of fuel oil. Removal or abandonment in place involves proper registration of the UST, obtaining closure approvals and local demolition permits, cutting open, cleaning and inerting combustible vapors in the tank before removing and transporting it to a recycling facility, or in the case of abandonment in place, filling it with sand or other clean fill material.

Brinkerhoff Environmental Services, Inc. is experienced in all aspects of cleanup standards and regulatory negotiation. Our in-house personnel can offer you the expertise necessary to determine the best method for handling your UST issues.

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