(SIN 899-1 and 899-1 RC)

Brinkerhoff Environmental Services, Inc. prepares Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I and Phase II), NEPA Evaluation Reports, and Environmental Impact Statements. In addition, Brinkerhoff conducts Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies. Analytical services are provided in the areas of Endangered Species and Wetlands; economic, technical, and risk analyses are performed. Environmental Impact Statements and Management Plans are developed for natural resources. Brinkerhoff also provides Environmental Program Management and Environmental Regulation Development. Brownfield redevelopment includes assessment, coordination with regulatory agencies, municipalities, community groups, and private developers, as well as obtaining funding sources.

Brinkerhoff conducts Environmental Compliance Audits, Compliance Management, Contingency Planning, and Permitting. Spill Prevention/Control and Countermeasure Plans are developed and Pollution Prevention Surveys are conducted. Environmental Management Systems are provided; specific areas include: Wetlands Services; Geological and Hydrogeological Services; and Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint inspections, testing, risk assessments and abatement monitoring. Indoor air quality is assessed and sampled; conclusions and recommendations for compliance are prepared. Other regulatory compliance services provided by Brinkerhoff include OSHA Health and Safety Procedures (29 CFR 1910.120) and Hazardous Waste Management compliance.

Waste Management Services provided by Brinkerhoff include data collection, feasibility and risk analysis, and RCRA/CERCLA site investigation. Technologies and processes impacting waste management are reviewed by Brinkerhoff, and waste tracking and handling systems are recommended. Waste management surveys are conducted and plans for waste management are proposed. Brinkerhoff personnel conduct studies of waste characterization, waste sources, and assess hazard and exposure. Material Safety Data Sheets are provided and managed through various media, and Emergency Response Plans are developed.

(SIN 899-8 and 899-8 RC)

Brinkerhoff Environmental Services, Inc. provides complete Storage Tank Management Services, including remediation of soil and groundwater. The firm prepares the registration documents and permit applications to install, substantially modify, or close aboveground and Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems. Brinkerhoff has prepared bid specifications for UST removals, upgrades, and new installations. The company works with clients to develop specifications, evaluate potential contractors, provide project oversight, soil and groundwater sampling, and laboratory analyses. In the event a UST has leaked, Brinkerhoff coordinates reporting requirements and remedial activities with the property owner or UST operator.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation Services include Remedial Action Workplans, soil and groundwater analysis, soil borings, direct-push probing, HydroPunch sampling, and well installation. In the area of Remedial System Design, Operations, and Management, Brinkerhoff provides the labor and equipment to install various systems. Examples include aqueous carbon pump-and-treat systems for removal of gasoline, diesel, and fuel oil products; air stripping units for removal of volatile organic substances, including petroleum-based solvents; and air sparge and vacuum extraction systems for volatilizing and venting chemical substances.

Brinkerhoff maintains multiple trailer-mounted portable groundwater treatment systems. In addition to the more commonly used filtration and separation methods, Brinkerhoff employs Bioremediation Technologies. Available options for soil and groundwater remediation include soil vapor extraction, biological treatment, land farming, thermal desorption, air sparging, or natural attenuation. Brinkerhoff has successfully utilized combinations of these methods for remediation of volatile organic and base neutral compounds, heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyls, and chlorinated solvents.

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